an exhibition that includes Katya Kvasova, Russell Terry, Trevor Simmons & Jane Walker
Sound Image
30th November 7th December
Opening Night: Friday 29th November, 6-9pm
Katya Kvasova / Russell Terry / Trevor Simmons / Jane Walker
Surface Gallery is delighted to announce Sound Image, an exhibition that explores the correlation of image and sound.
Sound Image brings together 4 artists who consider music a vital part of their visual art practice. The group explore the diversity of perceptions or filters through which sound can be read, and the subsequent personal connotations. Each artist approaches the subject differently and has their own reasons for their interest in it.
For Kvasova it is the need to “break the quietness” of her paintings. In this case the artist visualises “single” sounds converted into straight lines which are then applied to complete the image; they create visual rhythms that reflect her subject’s mood. Simmons’ work includes marks made on several clear perspex sheets, which repeat like echoes in varying states of completion. A mark becomes like a note, suspended, worthless on its own, but resonant when layered, repeated, and traced through successive layers. Terry will be showing a harmonograph. This simple mechanical apparatus can be used as a visual guide to the mathematics of music. Each drawing traces multiple frequencies into a single image showing the apparent order (and beauty) of simple ratios. For Walker, her interest stems from an unfulfilled desire to become a musician, which unavoidably appears in her painterly creations: she “writes” musical compositions using her own visual language and transfers the tension of city sounds onto canvases.
Opening Night
There will be artist talks at 7pm. These will be followed by a performance by Walker. John Bean, a cellist, will be improvising from invisible lines drawn by Walker. This collaboration will explore communication between the visual artist and the musician.
Sound Image opens in the Project Space in conjunction with our annual Volunteer Show in the Main Gallery. As always there will be a donations bar with ales from local brewery, Pheasentry.
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Opening night: Friday 29th November, 6-9pm
Tuesday to Friday: 12pm to 6pm
Saturday: 11am to 5pm
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